Strategic Investment

I look for those innovative companies who will disrupt industries and traditional companies and competitors. The organizations that have a vision to revolutionize an industry.  For a few select companies a year that have the ability to become one of the largest players in their space, I provide strategic advice and key introductions to take them to the next level.  I look for companies I can get behind and believe in to take them to the next level.

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Having a guide through the shifting currents of the market is essential. Jonathan can help guide you safely to shore.


Jonathan’s experience in the industry is invaluable in knowing what products dominate the space and which will not.


As a key player in the industry, Jonathan knows the leading decision makers and can make introductions right away.


Even the greatest ideas can have difficulty generating revenue; let’s jumpstart the growth of your bottom-line.

Are you that company with disruptive innovation, the company that is going to change the game?

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