Market Penetration

The biggest challenge for any organization today is getting in front of their “future customers” and keeping their existing customers engaged.  With business and personal distractions, it’s harder to do this than ever before. Cold calling, emailing and advertising in traditional media doesn’t work anymore.

Specializing In


Putting you in front of your “dream clients” whether in person, on the phone, or in meetings and roadshows


Capturing a market is more than just creating a product. let’s help you engage the clients you want to reach.


Cold calling, email & traditional advertising doesn’t work anymore. Let’s develop a strategy for the digital age.


Having a concise brand image is more important than ever. Jonathan will help develop a globally recognized brand.

We are the market catalyst to speed your entry to the market, make your organization into a national or global brand, and putting you in front of your “dream clients.”

With access to over 1.5 million professionals through my magazines and large social media channels, I can provide the market penetration of your dreams. For special clients, I will make those key phone calls to introduce you to the clients you can never get on the phone yourself.

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